Meet Our Contributors


Always up for a challenge, Stephanie’s kids are only 16 months apart and just barely 1 and 2 years old. She spoils her kids with her love and attention, but if you ask her she thinks she’s hanging on by a thread to her sanity. She’s still trying to figure out why her kids don’t nap, rarely eat well and how to cure her oldest from separation anxiety, but by now she actually has a lot of knowledge from going through it all. Stephanie is a real estate agent, marketing and advertising specialist, social media manager and loving mama. She is the founder of the San Diego Moms Blog and works with her husband, Tyler, at Casual Fridays Interactive.


As one of the expert Baby Bunchers of the group, Margo makes managing her two boys look easy. Nevermind that they are age 2 and almost 4 years and have more energy than tasmanian devils. Never one to stay at home, she can be found at Disneyland, Legoland, Hullabaloo or any number of kids events or activities around San Diego and her boys are still alive and uninjured…oh, wait – she did go through a broken toe with her oldest… You’d never guess she is actually a CPA who works part-time on top of everything else she manages around her house. Her hubby Mark even helps out once in awhile, too!


Our little socialite Leah, is the wife of Mark, and mom of two precious boys, Ethan who just turned 3 years, and Jack, born December 2011. She is the best stay-at-home mom on her block. It’s a very SMALL block, but it still counts. Before babies, she received her BA in Economics from San Diego State University and enjoyed working in interior design. She also loves fashion, travel, party planning but, at the top of the list, spending time with her people. Family. Friends. Babies. And maybe a dog or two. Leah is either growing out bangs or considering getting bangs, and can be found on Facebook and Pinterest.


Aylin is a native Californian, mom of two adorable kids (age 4 and almost 1) and wife to one good lookin’ husband! With over 14 years of experience as an interior designer, there is always a new creative project in the works! Her main focus is to not miss a single moment of her two little munchkins lives! While she’s always on the go with her kids’ school and activities she manages to stay true to her style. Stay tuned for her beauty secrets, home decor tips, and how to not sweat the small stuff.



Michelle San Diego Moms Blog Michelle

After becoming a young mom at the age of 20, Michelle worked hard to get a Master’s Degree in Architecture and pursue an almost decade long career in architecture. During the recession, Michelle refocused her professional life on becoming a San Diego Realtor and being able to stay at home to take care of her family and grow her family. Michelle takes all that she has learned in her professional career to manage her family (which she refers to as the position of “house manager”), work, and volunteer with different non-profit organizations as a board member. Michelle can be found managing the craziness of running a household, kids, work and play. She is mother to Tyler, 13 and wife to husband Jason, with a newborn baby girl.


San Diego Moms Blog Contributor Marlies

Working full time as a CPA, Marlies spends all her free time with her kids exploring San Diego for new and fun experiences for her family to enjoy. She loves the outdoors especially and her family enjoys times at parks, different beaches, finding new trails to hike and ride their bikes, and swimming pools to jump in. A true Southern Californian, Marlies grew up in Santa Barbara, attended high school in Laguna Beach and ended up in San Diego after completing her BS in accounting at Cal State San Marcos. She focused on her career as a CPA until marrying Matt in 2006, when they settled down in east county to start a family. They were blessed with the birth of their daughter Makenna in late 2007 and their son Marshall in early 2010.

Sunny San Diego Moms Blog Sunny

Prior to having her first child in 2010, Sunny had never even changed a diaper. As a television news anchor and reporter, she traveled across the country covering stories important to her community. After meeting her husband and moving to San Diego, she met her “mommy challenge” head-on by launching her company, New Mommy Media, which creates podcasts for new and expecting parents. Her shows Preggie Pals, Parent Savers and The Boob Group bring panels of real parents together with experts for lively and realistic conversations that engage and inform listeners- easing the transition into parenthood.

Lysabeth SDMomsBlog Lysabeth

Lysabeth is a wife and mom of two boys, a former teacher turned high school counselor, who maintains her sanity by losing herself in the diversions of daily life! Her welcomed diversions include baking Boozie Cakes, completing her 26.2 virtual marathon every month, and laughing until tears come out her eyes! Having traveled around the world, she is convinced, San Diego IS America’s Finest City!



Kimball San Diego Moms Blog


As a stay-at-home mama to 4 children, Kimball is never bored.  She has three sons who keep things interesting, and a sweet baby girl who makes a perfect caboose.  Kimball is married to a Naval Aviator who makes her laugh every day.  After her oldest child nearly died from an allergic reaction to peanut butter 9 years ago, Kimball began a journey into healthier eating, a more natural lifestyle and holistic health.  When she’s not busy with her kiddos, Kimball is usually cooking, whipping up homemade personal care products, or blogging about it all at Heavy On Wholesome.


Amy San Diego Moms Blog Amy

Amy is a devoted wife, dedicated mommy to the Three Little Mermaids, a savvy traveller, and a darn good vegetarian cook. When she’s not busy dining out at local hot spots or whisking her kiddos off to fun, healthy activities in and around San Diego, Amy writes for Beloved Atmosphere, her blog that focuses on Travel with Kids, Parenting, Education, Crafting, Cooking and other Topics du Jour. Amy also manages Sunset Vacation Rental, her family’s vacation rental business for their House at the Beach.  With whatever spare time she finds, Amy loves reading, sewing, cooking, tweeting (@beloved_atmo), posting cool finds on her Facebook Page or Pinning.

Allison San Diego Moms Blog Allison

Allison is an animal mom to six animals (three dogs and three cats) and several fosters that come into her life. You can say it has been good training to becoming a mother soon. Allison recently got married on 12-1-12 and is looking forward to starting a family later this year with her husband. She was a partner in a maternity store here in San Diego and has always been interested in the process of childbirth, being pregnant and becoming a mother as well as her love for fashion. Allison is currently working on her birth plan and should be fun to follow her journey to becoming a mother. Allison is the President of APA Business Consulting, Inc. and the Founder/ Director of Fashion Week San Diego. Allison holds a bachelor of science in organizational leadership and an associate of art in merchandise marketing. Besides her passion for fashion, Allison also is passionate about being involved in her community and giving back through the charities she supports as either a volunteer, donor or board member: Angels Family Foster Network, Rancho Coastal Humane Society and St. Paul’s Senior homes and services.

Ginny San Diego Moms Blog Ginny

Ginny is a San Diego transplant from Washington State.  She loves the sunshine and laid back approach to life that San Diego offers.  Her husband, Dan, the only eharmony man she agreed to go on a date with, was advised by their midwives to be a doula after the birth of their son.  Always wanting to share information, new ideas, and resources, Ginny has an ever expanding group of new mama friends who get together weekly to enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer a new mom. She believes in following your intuition in all aspects of life and especially in motherhood.  Ginny spends time at the local dog parks with her very well trained dog, Sofie, while babywearing her son, Danny.  She attends several breastfeeding support groups and is always striving to help her family live a health and environmentally conscientious life.