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Johns Bumper Cars

Incredible FUN for Kids in San Diego

So I found a new (to us at least) kid zone last weekend! I wanted a place to meet a few friends indoors (out of the heat) that would be fun but where we could eat as well as entertain the kiddos. After asking around, I was recommended to check out John’s Incredible Pizza located […]

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Pacific Sports Resort

Pacific Sports Resort Playdate Recap

Thank you to all of the San Diego mamas who came out for our playdate at Pacific Sports Resort! We had an amazing time at the beautiful facility. For a swimming playdate, it was great to have the kids splash around in the large children’s pool only a few feet deep. How cool was the […]

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Ginny Pregnant

Connecting Through Prenatal Yoga

One of my best friends just told me in secret that she’s pregnant!  She will undoubtedly be a conscientious and loving mother, and I am so happy she will get to experience the joys of pregnancy and motherhood. My first task-oriented thoughts now when I hear that someone is pregnant is to rattle off the […]

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Babies Learn the Joy of Music at Leading Note Studios

We have all heard about the benefits of babies who are exposed to music at an early age. It can help with development and overall intellect. This is the class for those looking for a great way to introduce their babies and toddlers to music. Leading Note Studios in Encinitas has Kindermusik® music classes for […]

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PH Park Swings

A delightful day in paradise right in our backyard!

On any of San Diego’s beautiful summer, spring, fall and winter days, Powerhouse Park and Beach located on Coast Blvd in Del Mar has a glorious beach view that also includes an awesome park, playground and nearby snack/lunch access and of course the sandy beach for hours of bliss! Since we live a bit further […]

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Del Mar San Diego


We are so excited to soon be officially introducing you to our wonderful contributors and sharing our upcoming playgroups, Moms Night Outs and more! We shot our group photo last night in beautiful Del Mar and couldn’t be more thrilled to have the team at White Haute Photography getting our photos ready for our site. […]

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Five Mommy Friends You Need Now

Becoming a mom is a life changer. Most everything you thought you were gets turned upside down and all-consumed with different things. When I got pregnant, I found I was out of commission from most all of the activities I spent doing with my friends: getting together for drinks, dancing til dawn, jogging/hiking, clothes shopping, […]

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Playgroup Photo

Join A Playgroup?

I made the decision to become a stay at home mom. Yay, I can’t wait to spend oodles of time with my little guy! So after a few weeks of walking to the park, running errands and playing peek-a-boo… I thought, now what? What do moms do all day and not go crazy? Somehow I […]

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