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Dealing With Depression

Postpartum depression and depression in general can be a touchy topic. However, it is finding its way into the spotlight with more and more people seeking help. Each person’s experience with the awful beast of depression is unique. However, I’m living proof there is hope! Here are a few resources I have found helpful in […]

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Blood Glucose Test

Queen of the Glucose Screening Tests

I am the self-proclaimed “queen” of the pregnancy glucose screening tests. This is the test most medical providers require to determine if your body can process sugars properly during pregnancy. If you can’t process sugars, they classify you with having gestational diabetes. Trust me, you don’t want to be classified with having gestational diabetes,  especially […]

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Del Mar App

Del Mar Horse Racing Goes Digital

I hadn’t been to the Del Mar Horse Races since squeezing out a couple kids. So, my husband and I jumped at the chance to join our friends who had won some fancy tickets at a recent charity auction, which included a limo ride to the fairgrounds and several rounds of champagne. But it’s hard […]

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ultrasound 16 weeks

The NEW Ultrasound: In Your Own Home!

The countdown began the moment I peed on the stick and learned I was pregnant. With each week that passed, I became more and more nervous about the mid pregnancy ultrasound which would likely tell us if we were carrying a boy or a girl. As the mother of two young boys, I was desperately […]

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baby monitor

Baby Monitors Have Come A Long Way, Baby

Our family is going through a major transition time right now, making for some interesting naps and bedtime antics! We are waiting for our new house to be built, and as we wait we – the entire family: Mom, Dad, 2 year-old, 3 year-old, baby to be in September, and 5 year-old 50 lb. yellow […]

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Twins at 13 Weeks Gestation

OMG, We’re Having Twins!

June 13, 2013 is a day I will never forget. Everything started out normal. I got up, checked email, woke up the boys and we started about our day. My husband came home early from work so I could go to a routine ultrasound – or so I thought. For both my prior pregnancies, I […]

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Do Birth Stories Really Matter?

Do Birth Stories Really Matter?

How important are birth stories, really? It seems everybody wants to hear about them initially, just after the baby is born. But what type of long-term effects to birth stories have on both mom and baby? I’m not a psychologist. I don’t generally ponder in-depth topics, such as this. However, I have watched my fair […]

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Verifi Prenatal Test

The Verifi Prenatal Test

The last few days were the longest days of my life. I was trucking along with my pregnancy, most of the nausea gone, belly getting bigger but not huge, feeling the first kicks when – BAM – I got a call from the nurse. I had passed my 1st trimester prenatal testing with flying colors, […]

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Baby Gender: Wishing For a Little Girl

Baby Gender: Wishing for A Little Girl

I’m 10 weeks pregnant, and there’s one consistent thought that keeps swirling through that sometimes forgetful “mommy brain” of mine. Will I finally get the little girl I’ve been dreaming of my entire life? Before I reveal more of my personal feelings about this matter, I should clarify something. There’s nothing more important than giving […]

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Maternity Clothes

Fashion Friday: Maternity Clothes – Tips For A Gorgeous Wardrobe

Oh, the joys of pregnancy! I’m not one of those moms who embrace the pregnancy thing and since this is pregnancy #3, I guess I’m a sucker for pain and suffering. Each time I get pregnant, I tend to spend hours online looking at maternity clothes in the first trimester and thinking how cute those […]

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