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Working full time as a CPA, Marlies spends all her free time with her kids exploring San Diego for new and fun experiences for her family to enjoy. She loves the outdoors especially and her family enjoys times at parks, different beaches, finding new trails to hike and ride their bikes, and swimming pools to jump in. A true Southern Californian, Marlies has been blessed with the birth of their daughter Makenna in late 2007 and their son Marshall in early 2010.
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Thomas is BACK!

If you haven’t checked out “Day out with Thomas” at the Orange Empire Railway Museum, I highly recommend it.  He only comes two weekends a year each November and it’s such a worthwhile family day!  This year he is going to be at the Museum November 9th-11th and 16th-17th.  The highlight of the day is taking […]

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Johns Bumper Cars

Incredible FUN for Kids in San Diego

So I found a new (to us at least) kid zone last weekend! I wanted a place to meet a few friends indoors (out of the heat) that would be fun but where we could eat as well as entertain the kiddos. After asking around, I was recommended to check out John’s Incredible Pizza located […]

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Healthy Casserole Recipes

Casseroles Are A Mom’s Best Friend

My kids are fairly good eaters but they certainly are picky about certain things especially depending on their current moods. But one menu option they never complain about are my casseroles. I try to make these kinds of meals at least twice a week. The beauty of casseroles from a mommy’s point of view is […]

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Emergency Room visit

Emergency Kit for Kids

I had my first experience to the emergency room with my three and a half year old last week and found myself completely unprepared. Barring I was completely frazzled as his finger was crushed, blood and “stuff” were coming out of his little pinkie and he was screaming. I had just taken dinner out to […]

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My BIG girl in Kindergarten

The 1st Day of Kindergarten

We have survived the first week of Kindergarten but geez, it’s been a bit rough … for me at least. My daughter has been going to daycare and then preschool since she was four months old so I didn’t think it would be too big of a deal having her go to yet another school […]

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Dr. Oz Three Day Cleanse

Feeling Good Inside and Out

I usually write about things pertaining to my kids because honestly that is usually what is always on the forefront of my brain. But I do know that once in a while, we do need to take care and think of ourselves because if we are not on point, how can we can be engaged […]

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Family dinner time

Hooray, finally one of the most important bonding times of the day made easier!

I was raised sitting down at dinner time with my parents and brother and as much as I probably griped about it growing up, I know that it was such a significant part of our day. That was the time that we caught up, bonded, and had discussions with each other. Especially as we grew […]

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Hilton Head Sprayground

San Diego Hilton Head Park: All In One Fun!

Since my kids and I are always up for finding somewhere new and exciting, we finally decided to check out Hilton Head Park in Rancho San Diego a few months ago. What a great Park! It really seems to be the perfect size with all the many amenities. We had a blast. There are several […]

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Dining with Shamu

A Truly Unique Dinner Experience

We love SeaWorld. Love the shows, the aquariums, the rides and the playground! One thing we had never experienced until this last weekend though was the special extra encounters they offer. There are so many they offer and I definitely want to swim with the dolphins someday but I know my kids need to be […]

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American Girl Lunch

American Girl In All of Us …

I had always heard about all the hoopla of the American Girl Store with their remarkable dolls and accessories and was excited for the time when my daughter would be interested. But… I was also scared as the price tags are not inexpensive and the selection amazing! So, I braced myself for the day she […]

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