Incredible FUN for Kids in San Diego

Johns Bumper Cars So I found a new (to us at least) kid zone last weekend! I wanted a place to meet a few friends indoors (out of the heat) that would be fun but where we could eat as well as entertain the kiddos. After asking around, I was recommended to check out John’s Incredible Pizza located down south in National City in the Plaza Bonita Mall. It was awesome!

This place was huge compared to a Chuck E Cheese or Peter Piper Pizza. A lot of the same video games but they also had some great rides! They even had these huge bumper cars that were definitely the hit of the afternoon as they moved along under strobe lighting. The kids couldn’t get enough of them. There was also a section for younger kids where my three and half year old thoroughly enjoyed himself. I also really liked that you could purchase a card with credits (instead of lugging around coins) to ride, play, etc … and you had the option of having the tickets you won from the games go directly on the card as well so you didn’t have to walk around with a bucket full. I thought that this was a really neat and practical idea!

After a couple hours of heavy play, we went over to their amazing buffet where they had a huge assortment of kid friendly food. About 12 different kinds of pizzas (hello spicy peanut butter or pesto!!!), several types of pastas, a huge salad bar and of course desserts! The kids felt so proud of themselves that they could serve themselves. We sat at these big tables where they had a cartoon movie playing on these huge screens for their entertainment. And for adults that may want to indulge, they also have a beer and wine bar :) A bonus is that the buffet (included in the entrance fee) was only $5 per kid and $10 for adults! A steal if you ask me with the selection of food they offer along with the fun atmosphere!

I think this would be another great place for a birthday party. We will definitely go back! Click on the link for more information. I think your child will have a blast!

Where is your favorite indoor zone for children?

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Working full time as a CPA, Marlies spends all her free time with her kids exploring San Diego for new and fun experiences for her family to enjoy. She loves the outdoors especially and her family enjoys times at parks, different beaches, finding new trails to hike and ride their bikes, and swimming pools to jump in. A true Southern Californian, Marlies has been blessed with the birth of their daughter Makenna in late 2007 and their son Marshall in early 2010.

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  1. Men Women December 19, 2013 at 12:41 am #

    Valuable information and facts. Blessed everyone I came across your blog unintentionally, and I am amazed why that coincidence decided not to transpired earlier! I personally added this.

  2. Viviane September 19, 2014 at 9:36 am #

    Thanks! This sounds like a great place for kids. I’m sure to bring my kids there to try it out.