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bryll hair lounge

Fashion Friday: Bryll Hair Lounge

I just had my first experience at Bryll Hair Lounge in Carlsbad…and was it great?! Everyone is so friendly there. I love the decor…especially the one wall that is made from reclaimed wood. Sarah (my stylist) first treated me to a wonderful shampoo and condition that included a nice scalp massage. Then a consultation and […]

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American Girl Lunch

American Girl In All of Us …

I had always heard about all the hoopla of the American Girl Store with their remarkable dolls and accessories and was excited for the time when my daughter would be interested. But… I was also scared as the price tags are not inexpensive and the selection amazing! So, I braced myself for the day she […]

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Crazy kids

Mom Truths

I started thinking about Mom Truths the other day when I went shopping for some skinny jeans at Nordstrom. The sales girl that was helping me was in her early twenties and was shocked that I didn’t have a pair of skinny blue jeans yet in my wardrobe. She basically asked me where I had […]

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girls jacket

Fashion Friday: Desigual Kids Clothes and Accessories

I’ve been a fan of this brand for years when it came to women’s wear, but never paid much attention to the kids’ clothes. This company actually started the year I was born. The creator is originally from Switzerland and envisioned a future fashion company and created the clothes he thought he would see on […]

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Wonder Wheeler

Two Lifesavers: For Your Sanity and Your Back

I love taking my kids places but of course this always requires bringing a lot of stuff! Whether we are going to the beach, the park, the pool or a softball game, I am always carrying several different bags with food, waters, clothes, toys and by the end of it, usually a child. I’ve made […]

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Twins at 13 Weeks Gestation

OMG, We’re Having Twins!

June 13, 2013 is a day I will never forget. Everything started out normal. I got up, checked email, woke up the boys and we started about our day. My husband came home early from work so I could go to a routine ultrasound – or so I thought. For both my prior pregnancies, I […]

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Check out all the books!

Reading to Your Kids (maybe not you, but someone!)

Looking for an alternative to TV shows when you need to keep your kids occupied for a few minutes? My kids and I have discovered a couple of websites that contain videos of people reading children’s books aloud and my kids love it. The videos do not show any people, they just show the book […]

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Background at Mission Trails

A Day in Nature …

I love being outside and hiking is especially something that I LOVE to do. Before I had kids, I would hike almost every weekend, exploring the different mountains around San Diego County and be gone for at least half a day. Not only is it phenomenal exercise but it helps clear the mind and just […]

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Shopping at the Spring Valley Swap Meet

As the popular rap group Macklemore says in their hit song “Only got twenty dollars in my pocket, I’m hunting, looking for a come-up…” I, too, shop for a good deal. A few times a year I head down to the Spring Valley Swap Meet to browse. I usually don’t shop for anything in particular but […]

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You’re Invited! PLAYDATE with San Diego Moms Blog: Kid Ventures in 4S Ranch

We want to connect moms in San Diego offline, too, so we hope you can join us for a playdate at the new 4S Ranch Kid Ventures location. Kid Ventures has been gracious enough to offer us a FREE playdate before the facility is open to the public. If you haven’t been to Kid Ventures, […]

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