Baby Modeling?

baby modeling “She’s so adorable!” This is what I hear on a daily basis when I take my daughter anywhere. The family joke now is that going to the store with my daughter is like having a famous person in my cart because people stop, stare, and comment constantly! I don’t say this to brag. I seriously thought that people were just being polite. All babies are cute, right? And I didn’t put any stock into it until recently. Awhile back, I decided to go ahead and try to submit her photos to a few agencies and see what happens. I thought, “there must be something to this baby girl if everyone keeps saying how cute/pretty/adorable/beautiful she is.” Of course I thought my girl was pretty but I am biased because I am her mother. What mom doesn’t think her baby is cute? Drool, spit up and all!

I started my search by going to the SAG website. One thing I know from doing some modeling when I was younger, is that there are a TON of scams out there and the old adage holds true that if you are being asked for money, it is a scam. Legitimate agencies will never ask you for money! They may ask that you spend money for photos but even then, for babies, they typically only want snap shots that show their true character and ability to be photographed. The biggest thing to remember is that legit agencies get paid by taking a percentage off of the jobs that you work. I also asked around to other moms and a co-worker friend of mine who is an actress and has an agent.

Majority of the agencies are in Los Angeles and even if you get representation in San Diego, most of the work is in Los Angeles. Baby Jicelle was accepted to two agencies, Paloma Model and Talent in Manhattan Beach and San Diego Model Management here in San Diego. Her first week she went on two castings back to back. She has not gotten accepted to any jobs yet but she will. I know going in that this is a hard business and rejection is part of it. I take it with a grain of salt and move on. My husband on the other hand, gets his feelings hurt. I just keep telling him, “honey, she is just not what they were looking for this time.”

I was just in Kinko’s today and a lady approached me with her son saying how beautiful Jicelle was and how she is starting her own agency (she is a fashion photographer). She mentioned a casting which was too late for Baby J to join but is taking photos of her to the client to see if they want to use her! I thought that was just awesome and we may have yet another agency to join before long…

Our next big step is photos. I will keep posting on our journey and offer any advice that I can regarding baby modeling. One thing I want to remember and I hope for anyone wanting to do this, is this is to have fun and get your child used to being in front of the camera (hopefully with some free captured memories along the way). The moment my daughter or I  are uncomfortable or are not having fun, it is time to quit.

Here are the websites of the agencies that we belong to:

San Diego Model Management:

Paloma Model and Talent:

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2 Responses to Baby Modeling?

  1. Teanna November 9, 2013 at 6:23 pm #

    Hi Michelle,

    I am a San Diego first time mom and have been looking into getting my daughter Aria into baby modeling soon. She is only 5 months now but I want to at least get some info and start looking around. I like you and am interested on this whole thing. I would love to learn some tips and am dying to meet up with moms to talk to.