Dirty Girl Mud Run coming to San Diego February 9th!

Move over boys….this is a GIRLS race!

Let’s face it, most fitness challenges out there are aimed at men. The Dirty Girls Mud Run is not only a fitness challenge aimed at women, it is also one that encourages, engages, and promotes girl power through a one day 5K obstacle course. There is mud, fun, camaraderie and did I mention….it is also for an awesome cause? It benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation through donating a portion of all registration fees.

Sometimes making a commitment to do something challenging is a bit intimidating. I know for myself, having just had a baby, this is a fitness goal of mine, but not one that I am ready to conquer just yet…so, I needed answers from someone’s point of view who has ran the race.

That is why I recently caught up with fellow blogger, Lynda Benson of http://fitnessmomwinecountry.com/ and recent participant in the San Francisco mud run earlier this month. When asked why she decided to run in the DGMR, she responded, “I have always seen Mud runs on other sites that I follow and had been “wanting” to try one, but was too afraid to step out of my comfort zone, or doubted myself that I could do one. I was contacted by Dirty Girl Mud asking if I were interested in being a “blogger ambassador” for the San Francisco event. This was my sign that I was to go for it and try. Throw fear out the door and just do it.  SO of course I said yes”.

What motivates someone to take on this kind of challenge?

completing a Dirty Girl water pit obstacle

Photo provided by Lynda Benson (Lynda completing a Dirty Girl water pit obstacle)

Lynda shared that her motivation is “mostly due to the fact that I love a challenge. I never ask anything of others that I would not try myself.  As FitnessMomWineCountry, I am always talking about taking that step or following a dream or goal of some sort. If we never try, we can’t further our journey forward. Even if we are scared. I had put it out on my facebook site and from there had enough motivation alone just knowing that I said it out loud”.

So how challenging was it?

For Lynda, it wasn’t so much the course that was the challenge, she shares that “the run itself was actually much easier than I anticipated. In fact the drive down to the city was more difficult than the event LOL. I guess if I were to say I was challenged, it would have been the week and days up to the event.  I suffer from panic attacks and just thinking about the event and the fear of not knowing what to expect was my biggest challenge.”

So, there you have it, everyone has to overcome a challenge. That is what the race is all about. The mission of DGMR is to encourage women to step outside of their comfort zone! Whether you are a diva, a mother, a warrior, a survivor, lost someone to breast cancer, or all of the above, get dirty girls!!!

If you are interested in participating in the DGMR, the race is coming to Cottonwood Golf Club in San Diego February 9th. You can register at:


If you are not ready to be a participant, there is also an option to volunteer.

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