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Fisher Price Soothing Seahorse

Is Your Child Afraid of the Dark? 3 Ways to Get More Sleep

A year ago today on Halloween was the first time my child became afraid of the dark. November 1st he woke up crying and later that day he started talking about a walrus in his room. Evidently, he’s terrified of a very gentle creature: the walrus!!! After a few weeks of having to rock him […]

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Are these two ready to see a play? Yes!

Culture for Kids!

Looking for a way to expose your kids to some culture?  About six months ago, my friend and I were discussing the book, “How I Became a Pirate” that all of our kids loved. She told me about this cool theater program called the San Diego Junior Theatre, which features actors between the ages of […]

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Potty Tools

Stickers to the Rescue for Potty Training

When I started potty training my little girl, she was about two and a half. Her teacher at daycare had asked me for a few months after turning two if we were going to start and I just didn’t feel she was ready. I had read several books on potty training girls and one of […]

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Mom Style - Jeans and a Tee with Boots

Fashion Friday: Fall Boots!

Boot weather is here!!! This outfit is comfy, stylish and won’t break the bank! When I’m not wearing workout clothes I love wearing jeans and a T-shirt. It’s baby proof and gets me from point A to B fuss-free! To add a little glam I always accessorize with some type of jewelry. Today I choose to […]

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San Diego Moms Blog Music Class Playdate

Playdate Recap: Kids Beats Music Together

What do you get when you put about 20 moms and 30 kids in one music class? A whole lot of entertainment and a little chaos! We had a great time at our first playgroup at Kids Beats Music Together at Rhythm Studios but we have to admit, it was a bit exhausting! The music class […]

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Spooky Letters – Halloween Décor

One of the things I loved most about my childhood was holiday decorating with my mom. Each holiday we had a special box in our garage that was just waiting to be opened. Now that my son is 3, I couldn’t wait to get him excited about decorating for Halloween! Shopping Trip: We first headed […]

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Sleep Baby Sleep - Sound Machines

When Baby Sleeps In, So Does Mommy!

I must say that one of my favorite things in life is “good” sleep. It’s amazing how it affects your next day and how it makes you feel! If you can get your baby to sleep in later, you can sleep in later, too! For any of you who have a light sleeper in the […]

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Mommy Time - Alone time for moms

How to Spend Your Time

Hey mamas… quick!  Put these in order from most important to least important: A)  Family Time B)  Couple Time C)  Work Time D)  Me Time (aka Mommy Time) I asked the same question of my husband and he got it wrong… how did you do? The answer is at the end of this post. You […]

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Mom Style - Fall Fashion 2012 - Flannel Shirt Family

Fashion Friday: The Flannel Shirt

Ah, cozy flannel! Finally some cooler weather! I’ve been trying to break out the tribute to my old high school days with what was hands down my most comfortable outfit back in the day. The oversized flannel shirt with leggings of the 90’s is now a feminine-cut soft flannel with jeans or denim shorts with […]

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Potty Training on the Go!

Potty Training While Out of the House

Scared of potty training? Me too! As my second son reaches the potty training age for boys, approximately 2 years and 9 months old, I am steeling myself for lots of messy days. One thing that I learned from potty training my first son is that when a newly potty trained kid says that they […]

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