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Looking For A Nanny or Babysitter?

One question I get asked all the time is…how can I find a reliable babysitter or nanny? Who can I possibly trust to take care of my little one? Where do I even start looking? Here’s how I went about it: I posted a free ad on and received a million replies. After looking […]

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The Day My Son Learned to Love Trucks

My son finally loves trucks! For the past year, I’ve been watching all the other little boys carry around their trucks and talk about their cool cars. My son has always been all about any type of ball: baseballs, basketballs, bouncy balls, tennis balls, golf balls, soccer balls. It’s been pretty cute, but having been […]

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DIY Party Favors (Shhh… they’re less than $3 each!)

If you’re in the crafty mood and don’t want to spend a lot of money then this is the perfect project for you! You’ll even make an extra one for you to keep yourself. I made these for my son’s birthday party. They were a hit with the kids (and moms, too!) Supplies: *unfinished wood […]

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Toddler Pants and Toddler Shorts

Am I  the only clueless mama out there? My son has always been on the low end of the weight chart and the high end of the height chart. He’s barely two years old and all his pants or shorts over 12 month size fall down immediately or upon his walk from his room to […]

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5 Affordable Things to Check Out This Summer in San Diego

We’re all familiar with San Diego’s main attractions…Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park (oops, I mean the Zoo Safari Park), and LegoLand. But are you looking for activities to keep the kids busy without breaking the bank? Here are a few fun things for the whole family to enjoy this summer! 1)  Summer […]

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Blended Families

Anyone who knows me knows that I had a challenging time in my 20’s. I was in an abusive relationship with my child’s father for many years. That is ugliness that I put behind me and dug deep into my heart for forgiveness. The reason I even mention this is because I have been married […]

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My Love/Hate of Breastfeeding

My baby girl just turned 1 and now that she is getting older I find it bittersweet we’ll be done nursing soon. I wouldn’t describe myself as an earthy, hippie, super eco-conscious kinda girl, but this second time breastfeeding my little girl has really grown on me. There’s something so wonderful about cuddling up skin […]

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Baby Butts!

This has been the summer of naked butts. We are a weird household but this summer it has gotten a lot stranger. Whenever I turn my back, my two boys, age 3 ½ and 2, are in the backyard, turning on the hose and removing all their clothes. All their clothes. All day long. The […]

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Baby’s Gender: To know or not to know….

This will be my second child in 13 years. After a long hiatus, I am very excited to be a “new” mom again. When I had my son, Tyler, I was 20 years old and didn’t know anything, although I thought I knew everything. When I went to the doctor, I had one ultrasound at […]

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Babywearing: Finding the Carrier For You

I’m not sure what’s with my obsession with baby carriers. Maybe because I had such a fun time carrying my son facing out in the Baby Bjorn from months 4-8ish that when I was prego with my second I got really into researching carriers. If you start researching babywearing you’ll find that rookies use the […]

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